About Me

Jeff Adorador has over two decades of experience guiding in the wilderness and holds a License as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Jeff’s experience in the health profession has included working in wilderness therapy and behavior modification programs across the nation, providing crisis intervention in hospital emergency room settings, counseling in schools, facilitating anger management support groups, working for community mental health and providing parenting education in a crisis center environment.  Jeff currently provides counseling and therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families in his private practice.  Jeff also conducts Wilderness Therapy in the Sierra Foothills and throughout California.

Jeff’s theoretical orientation tends to be, humanistic, client-centered and solution focused. He also finds value in the process of examining the past but only in the context of moving forward toward a more compelling future. Jeff places a strong emphasis on emotional expression, emotional intelligence and clarity of communication as the foundation to personal and interpersonal growth.

Jeff also help’s clients identify patterns of mind or patterns of cognition as they relates to patterns of behavior.  As Jeff states, “If we are not aware of our thoughts patterns, we cannot redirect our emotional habits.”  Mindfulness is a strong part of Jeff’s therapeutic approach and counseling practice. 

As Jeff states, “I am not only here to support clients through changes, I am also here to hold up the mirror for clients to view their own current state of mind which directly impacts their life circumstances. Clearly seeing oneself can promote healing, growth and maturation.”


Jeff Adorador