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Teen Counseling Can Help

If you have a teenager you are trying to seek help for, you're in the right spot. It's important to recognize that teenagers are going through lots of developmental changes, their friends are rapidly changing, their hormones are raging, and they don't know what to make of it. Maladaption to changes, and society can bring out negative feedback loops that can lead to anxiety, depression, and even substance use. Teen counseling allows your teen to be heard in a safe setting allowing them to process their thoughts about themselves, their family, their friends, and society in a space designed to help foster growth.

A Dynamic Life Stage

Teens face the challenge of one of the most dynamic stages of their lives.  They are searching to find themselves while also creating independence from their primary care givers.  One of the challenges that teens often face is that while working towards autonomy from their caregivers, they are also often needing validation that their life choices are acceptable.  This paradox often leads to strong emotions and conflict with their family.  The good news is that if this is the current struggle going on in your home it means that your teen is in a normal and common stage of development.  If your teen is otherwise in an overly attached position with their family, they may not yet be in a mature stage of searching for autonomy and independence.  In other words, this friction and conflict at home can be reframed as part of a normal stage of development.

Teen Counseling In Roseville, CA

If you have a teen that


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